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24 mayo, 2018

Entrepreneurship in Belgium, how does this work?

Do you contemplate starting up or developing an activity in Belgium? Excellent idea! Belgium is located in the heart of Europe and Brussels is the political and economic hub of the European Union. Hence the ideal place to boost your company. Over thousand international, public and private organizations already found the way to Belgium and chose to establish their headquarters or fixed secretariat there. Why would you choose Belgium? Belgium is considered a top country for investments. Thanks to its central location, the main European markets and suppliers are easily accessible. Further, Belgium itself is easily accessible thanks to its […]
15 mayo, 2018
Recruitment and Hiring Assistance

Recruitment and Hiring Assistance in Spain

The employment aids are one of the most active labor market policies in all Western countries, especially in the European Union. The set of services and programs that develop active employment policies aims to improve the possibilities of access to employment for the unemployed and the adaptation of training and retraining for employment, as well as those aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and the social economy. The promotion of employment can be supported in the following ways: Direct: through the establishment of series of direct aids to contracting, with the fundamental objective of encouraging the creation of employment in the private […]
9 mayo, 2018

Employ staff in Belgium – Securex Webinar

Have you ever considered doing business with Belgium or are you already present there? Do you want to acquire a better understanding about how things work in this country? Then, Securex, one of the most important HR group services in Europe, organizes this webinar for you. During this webinar, we will shortly explain the employment practices in Belgium: Start as an employer Occupation of co-workers Social security Absences Pay package Cross-border employment Departure of a worker Save the date 22/05/2018 – 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Sign up for the webinar
7 mayo, 2018
Madrid v1

Why is Madrid in the list of the most important financial centers in the world?

Madrid has improved its position among the 96 most important financial centers in the world, which every six months studies the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) report. If in September it was ranked 59, the last edition places the Spanish capital at 41. This climb of 18 places is the second most important climb in Europe and the sixth best in the world. Since 2007, the GFCI has studied the world’s leading financial centers based on their competitiveness, and analyzed their situation from a double perspective: by obtaining external data on these cities, and through the answers obtained from an […]