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24 abril, 2018
electronic signature

How could electronic signature help your HR Management?

If you are working in a company with different offices in different places, document signing is usually complicated, slow and inefficient. This problem is greater when we talk about contracts and we force our workers to come and move with the time that is lost. In addition, then those documents must be scanned and stored. But there is a better solution to solve this problem. The electronic signature of documents. This type of signature allows HR departments to speed up hiring and employee onboarding, while eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. But exactly, what is the electronic signature? Easier contracting procedures […]
19 abril, 2018
Payroll 1

Some recommendations to manage your payroll administration

International/ Payroll. Any business with employees needs to run payroll to get their staff paid. Payroll administration is a time-consuming process where errors and mistakes are just waiting to happen. We give you some recommendations to manage your payroll administration, with more reason, when your company has presence in different parts of the world. Normally the initial operative situation in the international companies is: Each subsidiary office processes Payroll in its country of origin. When the information is needed, the Head Office requests data to each of its subsidiaries, performing the calculations you need manually. However, this process is slow […]
10 abril, 2018

Are you thinking to create a Startup in Spain? Here some recommendations

Although the costs of starting up a Startup in Spain can differ greatly depending on the objectives sought with its creation, there are a number of basic aspects to consider in all cases, similar to those required to establish any company. When an entrepreneur constitutes a Startup, the first step is to determine the legal nature, taking into account the needs that may arise to a startup in terms of participation deals and receipt of third-party investment: Opting to act as a freelancer is not the best option for a project that is going to have several partners, or if […]
2 abril, 2018

Business opportunities in the Spanish Information and Communication Technologies sector

International. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play an increasing role in the promotion and development of economies and modern societies. Not only do they represent a strong sector with a high growth potential, but there is little doubt that they have a direct impact in the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of today’s economy, helping to set the bases for a new growth model based on knowledge. The development of the ICT sector in Spain occupies a relevant place in the international landscape, with a determined support from the successive governments, committed with their European peers to a […]