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12 marzo, 2018
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Securex continues international expansion

International. Securex to begin operations on Iberian peninsula In late 2017 Securex acquired 75% of shares of the Spanish HR company GM integra rrhh. For some time Securex has been committed to international expansion as a means of offering its customers integrated services across national borders. Maica Enrique, Manager of GM Integra RRHH, says: “For more than 30 years, GM Integra RRHH has been offering services linked to payroll outsourcing and HR consulting to companies of different sizes and sectors throughout Spain. We are happy to join Securex, as we have the opportunity to assist our clients with their international […]
5 marzo, 2018

Hold on to your employees with strong Payroll and Staff Management policies

International/ Payroll. You need help with your Payroll and Staff Management policy and free up your time to focus on your business. Attracting talented workers is one thing, keeping them is another. And it’s crucial, because their input, performance and commitment define your success. Ensure your staff members are well taken care of with a transparent collaboration that ensures their motivation and development and more, and with a well-structured Payroll and Staff Management policy. You offer them security by providing correct payments and meeting all legal expectations.  It means you are sure to keep your employees on the books. A […]
26 febrero, 2018
Human Resources

The vision of HR in Spain

International. The vision of HR in Spain: it has a modern, clear and transparent regulatory and institutional framework aligned with the OECD standards and best practices. In the last few years, a series the structural reforms implemented have strengthened Spain’s Business climate competitiveness, increasing flexibility in the labour market and improving the conditions under which new companies and enterprises can access the market. Now, Spain has achieved a high degree of technological development and fosters the availability of a highly competitive and well educated workforce and an efficient framework for investing and doing business. Spain is in the top 3 […]
19 febrero, 2018
Investment Support and Incentives in Spain

Investment Support and Incentives in Spain

Extensive and comprehensive system of aid and incentives developed by the central government and other government bodies, with a special emphasis on promoting permanent employment, productive investments and research, development and technological innovation (R&D&I): There are a number of s financial and fiscal incentives and programs to promote innovation, technological improvements and R&D projects in may sectors of the Spanish economy. Training and hiring incentives for certain types of workers, offering business owners significant savings on labor costs, recently reinforced for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Regional Governments [Autonomous Communities] and Local Governments also provide incentives and investment support programs for new […]