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15 enero, 2018
Business collaboration

How can we help your company? International Business Management

International/Payroll. GM Integra RRHH provides an integral service in international Business Management thanks to its membership of Securex, the European leader in Payroll and HR Consulting services. We can help your company in different areas. Administration Payroll processing. Sworn statements and income tax employee statements. Employee’s allowances and benefits. Maternity leave allowances for group company administrators. Worker labour cost simulations (from gross yearly income) T.D. Registry, employment Contracts, extensions, Employer ending statements, Outstanding Tax Liabilities and Social Security statements. Automated Payroll book-keeping. Automated extra-payment provision book-keeping. Bank Transfer file (with specific format for settlement payments) Non-applicable Social Security claim processing. […]
9 enero, 2018

Setting up a business in Spain

International. Options that exist to operate in Spain. The types of business entities available are in keeping with those existing in other OECD countries and there is also a wide range of possibilities capable of meeting the needs of the different types of investor who wish to invest in or from Spain. It is also worth noting that foreign investment restrictions and exchange controls have been virtually eliminated in line with the EU legislation on deregulation in this area. This chapter describes the basic requirements of the different business structures for investing in Spain, as well as the key formalities […]
2 enero, 2018
Business collaboration

Employee Training & Development. An opportunity for improvement for the company

International/ Training in company. Good training and development programs help you retain the right people and grow profits. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. GM Integra RRHH offers in-company training services to help companies in the training of their workers. As the leading provider, we have extensive experience in delivering bespoke solutions for Spain and international companies from a range of sectors. Training qualifying needs analysis. Training plan development. Design, implementation and evaluation of ad hoc training programs. Assessment, monitoring and improvement of the participants. Capacity development […]
28 diciembre, 2017
transformación digital

What can your HR department do to digitally transform the company?

International. There are five actions that can help in your transformation process. The digital transformation is a reality already in many companies, but few HR departments have accompanied in this process. But we can not deny that this change is there, and that companies sooner or later must adapt to this situation. Our Signaturit partners establish 5 steps to establish a process of digital transformation in the company from the HR department. We encourage you to read them here. Audit Strategy and roadmap Project Plan Adoption and communication plan Establish KPIs to measure and improve It is necessary to use […]