Business opportunities in the Spanish Information and Communication Technologies sector

International. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play an increasing role in the promotion and development of economies and modern societies.

Not only do they represent a strong sector with a high growth potential, but there is little doubt that they have a direct impact in the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of today’s economy, helping to set the bases for a new growth model based on knowledge.

The development of the ICT sector in Spain occupies a relevant place in the international landscape, with a determined support from the successive governments, committed with their European peers to a harmonized introduction of technology modernization policies, and a local industry that has received such a boost as the element needed to reach de development of the sector we enjoy today. The successive plans and strategies have implied the general consciousness of the Spanish society that no development is possible without taking into consideration ICT as the fundamental tool.

Immersed in the European Community, Spain has progressively transposed all European guidelines emitted, frequently ahead of time, and today offers a business environment homogeneous with its community partners and, with its leadership, it leads strategic projects included in the European Digital Agenda.

For all these reasons, the ICT market has experienced in Spain one of the highest growths in Europe in the last decade, consolidating itself among the top five markets in the region. This industry was worth roughly €105 billion in 2016. This volume represented a 4.2% of the national GDP in 2016.

The ICT industry accounts over 33,000 companies that create more than 471,000 direct jobs in Spain.

Why Spain?

  • Commitment of Spain with its EC partners defined in the European Digital Agenda.
  • Potential national clients. The existing demand for ICT products and services is mature, but with a high growth expectancy in some areas.
  • Experience in the offer. Maturity in technology- and commercial practices, with highly developed local service providers that can act as a catalyst.
  • Experience in exporting services, opening interesting collaboration opportunities to access new markets (European Union, North of Africa and Latin America), with Spanish multinationals already well established in those regions.
  • Availability of skilled human resources, at a very competitive cost.
  • Ability to scale though Latin American resources.
  • Modern transport and telecommunication infrastructures, coupled with an extensive network of Scientific and Technology Parks and Higher Education Centres.
  • Strong Government support, through specific sector plans, to all activities aimed at fostering the development of the Information Society.

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Source: Invest in Spain