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5 julio, 2018

GM Integra HR updates its logo after acquisition by Securex

At the end of 2017, GM Integra RRHH merged into the Belgian multinational, Securex. With this corporate move, GM Integra RRHH will transform into the Spanish branch of this large European company which provides services in the field of HR. Operating in more than 20 countries, Securex has offices in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France and Spain from where they manage the payroll of 285.000 employees. GM Integra RRHH released a new logo in which it is clear that the company is now part of the Securex group. This new identity will represent the international character of GM Integra RRHH, and […]
25 junio, 2018


RISING STARTUP SPAIN is a program aimed at foreign Startups and entrepreneurs who contribute to fostering entrepreneurial activity in Spain through scalable and innovative projects. It offers the following support services for Startups: Free workspace in Madrid and Barcelona, two hotspots for Startups Prize money of €10.000 to cover initial Startup expenses Easier access to Visa and Residence permits Instrumental Mentoring to help you connect with potential investors Media visibility Free entrey to high profile events and meetings with Spanish multinationals To take part in the program, foreign Startups established in Spain must meet the following requirements: At least 10% […]
20 junio, 2018

GM Integra RRHH has a new logo

GM Integra RRHH joined the multinational company, Securex, at the end of 2017. With this business movement, GM Integra RRHH has become the Spanish subsidiary of this important European group providing services in human resources reinforcing the international vocation of our organization. This change is now reflected in our logo.
18 junio, 2018
labor relations

How are labor relations organized in Spain?

In general terms, how are labor relations organized in Spain? We remind you of the main aspects that govern our labor framework. Types of contract: The main types of employment contracts are: permanent, temporary, training contracts and internships. Incentives for the Promotion of Employment: There are different benefits in terms of Social Security, mainly reductions of the contribution in order to improve the employability of specific groups of workers. Among others, the following contracts: Permanent employment contract for the support of entrepreneurs. Full-time or part-time permanent contract in companies with less than 10 workers. Part-time contract related to training for […]