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20 junio, 2018

GM Integra RRHH has a new logo

GM Integra RRHH joined the multinational company, Securex, at the end of 2017. With this business movement, GM Integra RRHH has become the Spanish subsidiary of this important European group providing services in human resources reinforcing the international vocation of our organization. This change is now reflected in our logo.
18 junio, 2018
labor relations

How are labor relations organized in Spain?

In general terms, how are labor relations organized in Spain? We remind you of the main aspects that govern our labor framework. Types of contract: The main types of employment contracts are: permanent, temporary, training contracts and internships. Incentives for the Promotion of Employment: There are different benefits in terms of Social Security, mainly reductions of the contribution in order to improve the employability of specific groups of workers. Among others, the following contracts: Permanent employment contract for the support of entrepreneurs. Full-time or part-time permanent contract in companies with less than 10 workers. Part-time contract related to training for […]
4 junio, 2018

More reasons to invest in Spain…Three Spanish companies are among the five fastest growing in Europe

The FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018 list, compiled by the economic daily the Financial Times, gives an excellent image of Spanish companies. This select group of companies from 31 European countries includes a total of 133 with headquarters in Spain. In addition, no fewer than three appear among the top five. According to the report by the Financial Times, Europe is enjoying a sustained recovery. Some of the credit belongs to startups and other companies, whose rapid growth is creating employment, changing industries and spreading beyond their natural territory. The list contains the companies that have had the […]
24 mayo, 2018

Entrepreneurship in Belgium, how does this work?

Do you contemplate starting up or developing an activity in Belgium? Excellent idea! Belgium is located in the heart of Europe and Brussels is the political and economic hub of the European Union. Hence the ideal place to boost your company. Over thousand international, public and private organizations already found the way to Belgium and chose to establish their headquarters or fixed secretariat there. Why would you choose Belgium? Belgium is considered a top country for investments. Thanks to its central location, the main European markets and suppliers are easily accessible. Further, Belgium itself is easily accessible thanks to its […]