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13 febrero, 2018
double taxation

Spanish agreements to avoid double taxation

International. Opportunities to improve your international business: double taxation. Different countries have their own tax laws. If you are resident in one country and have income and gains from another, you may have to pay tax on the same income in both countries. This is known as ‘double taxation’. Spain in order to avoid and prevent double taxation applied by two or more States has been negotiating international agreements with other States. These agreements establish rules and mechanisms to prevent double taxation between the signatory States. If you are doing business in Spain, or if you are a Spanish Company with business in […]
5 febrero, 2018

The most import congress in Europe about Employability in the 21st Century

International. 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Employability – Building Bridges between Science and Practice. 12-13 September 2018 – Provinciehuis Vlaams Brabant, Leuven, Belgium Due to the economic and political tendency to raise retirement age, people will have to work longer. A policy of keeping people longer at work can only be successful if their employability is maintained in a sustainable way throughout their entire career. Inevitably, both private and public organizations will have to deal with the challenges of promoting and maintaining the employability of their workers. Occupational Health Services and Human Resource Managers are the protagonists within the action […]
29 enero, 2018
Expatriates in Spain

Expatriates in Spain: The experience of living here

International. What the expatriates are happy living in Spain? There area healthcare and the quality of life reasons. The ranking in the report Expat Explorer 2017, prepared by the bank HSBC, once again places in Spain in second position in the categories of healthcare and the quality of life enjoyed by foreign residents in the country. The report, which analyzes living conditions in 46 countries, essentially measures three major blocks. A total of 27,500 expatriates answered the survey which serves as the basis for HSBC’s report. Spain, which was 16th in the overall ranking one year ago, has dropped to […]
22 enero, 2018

More reasons to invest in Spain: flexibility in the labour market

International. More reasons to invest in Spain: flexibility in the labour market Spain has a modern, clear and transparent regulatory and institutional framework aligned with the OECD standards and best practices. In the last few years, a series the structural reforms implemented have strengthened Spain’s Business climate competitiveness, increasing flexibility in the labour market and improving the conditions under which new companies and enterprises can access the market. Now, Spain has achieved a high degree of technological development and fosters the availability of a highly competitive and well educated workforce and an efficient framework for investing and doing business. Spain […]