Expatriates in Spain: The experience of living here

Expatriates in Spain
International. What the expatriates are happy living in Spain? There area healthcare and the quality of life reasons.

The ranking in the report Expat Explorer 2017, prepared by the bank HSBC, once again places in Spain in second position in the categories of healthcare and the quality of life enjoyed by foreign residents in the country. The report, which analyzes living conditions in 46 countries, essentially measures three major blocks.

A total of 27,500 expatriates answered the survey which serves as the basis for HSBC’s report. Spain, which was 16th in the overall ranking one year ago, has dropped to number 17 although it has practically the same scores as last year. Specifically, it has improved its position in five of the nine subindicators, it remains the same in two, and has declined in another two. The general ranking is headed by Singapore, and of the 13 European countries on the list, Spain is in seventh place.

The experience of living in Spain

Expatriates in Spain say that many aspects of their personal lives have improved significantly. In fact, in three specific aspects, Spain is top of the world ranking: 58% explain that they enjoy better health, 73% underline that they have a better quality of life, and for 51% the social life is better than in their country of origin.

In the survey, 75% say they are enjoying their immersion in local culture, and 73% claim to have integrated well with the local population. It should be remembered that 44% of expatriates in Spain are aged over 55, above the 22% of the Spanish population in this age group. This is due to the fact that Spain is rated one of the best countries for retiring.

In the case of those who work in Spain, 65% explain that their work-life balance is better than in their own country. The percentage of expatriates who consider that Spain is a good country for being an entrepreneur is up significantly, to 24%.

Spaniards abroad

Compared to the age of foreign expatriates in Spain, Spaniards who go abroad are among the youngest in the world. 47% are aged below 34, and only 4% are over 55. Their main motivations are to advance in their career, improve their employment outlook and increase their income levels. 88% of expatriate Spaniards work in their adopted country, as opposed to 78% of expatriates in general.

Switzerland is the best destination in the economic bloc, due to the confidence in the local economy and its political stability. In terms of the family, the best score goes to the Netherlands because of children’s health and well-being, and the quality of its education. In the section on the experience of living outside one’s own country, New Zealand has overtaken Spain to occupy first place. 58% of expatriates moved there to improve their quality of life.

Source: Invest in Spain