More reasons to invest in Spain: flexibility in the labour market

International. More reasons to invest in Spain: flexibility in the labour market

Spain has a modern, clear and transparent regulatory and institutional framework aligned with the OECD standards and best practices. In the last few years, a series the structural reforms implemented have strengthened Spain’s Business climate competitiveness, increasing flexibility in the labour market and improving the conditions under which new companies and enterprises can access the market. Now, Spain has achieved a high degree of technological development and fosters the availability of a highly competitive and well educated workforce and an efficient framework for investing and doing business.

  • Spain is in the top 3 countries in Europe in number of persons with tertiary education and complies with the biggest European economies.
  • Spain has one of the best Business School Networks worldwide. Three of them are in the Top-10 of the Best European Business School. Spain is the only European country with three Business Schools in the Top-20 Best MBA worldwide.
  • Since 2008, productivity in Spain has followed a continuous upward trend line. In fact it has grown faster than in other major countries in Europe.
  • Moreover, the labor framework has produced an improvement in productivity, and at the same time has also fostered wage moderation. The salary costs are more competitive than in other major European economies.
  • In certain sector and positions, managers in Spain are 11% more competitive than in Italy or France; 22% than in Ireland or 33% than in Germany.

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