Recruitment and Hiring Assistance in Spain

Recruitment and Hiring Assistance
The employment aids are one of the most active labor market policies in all Western countries, especially in the European Union.

The set of services and programs that develop active employment policies aims to improve the possibilities of access to employment for the unemployed and the adaptation of training and retraining for employment, as well as those aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and the social economy.

The promotion of employment can be supported in the following ways:

  • Direct: through the establishment of series of direct aids to contracting, with the fundamental objective of encouraging the creation of employment in the private sector
  • Indirect: through indirect incentives, such as the creation of new forms of contracts or even changes in the regulations of hiring, or making improvements in public employment services

The public organization ICEX (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior) has prepared a guide to help foreign companies, with the important information to recruitment employees in Spain. Check this guide here.


Spain has a modern, clear and transparent regulatory and institutional framework aligned with the OECD standards and best practices. In the last few years, a series the structural reforms implemented have strengthened Spain’s Business climate competitiveness, increasing flexibility in the labour market and improving the conditions under which new companies and enterprises can access the market. Now, Spain has achieved a high degree of technological development and fosters the availability of a highly competitive and well educated workforce and an efficient framework for investing and doing business.

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