Startup in Spain. Where can I find advice?

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Are you thinking to create a Start up in Spain? Where can you find advice? Here we have you some recommendations

In Spain, the best specialist advice options for Startups are accelerators and incubators, which cover not only this aspect but also the access to finance at different times of project development.

The following sections have compiled information on both incubators and accelerators, as well as a list of them, classified by the sector to which they are associated, if applicable, or grouped as multisectoral innovation when they are not specialized, or have different programs each focusing on a specific sector.

Business Incubators

The main objective of Business incubators is to launch the first phases of a startup. They help these new companies to find their workspace, as well as providing initial seed capital that allows them to see the viability of the idea and its business model in a short period. These programs include mentoring, intensive training, digital education and tutoring by the company.

Business incubators are a financing option similar to the accelerators but, unlike the latter, help to create the business idea from a scratch, and accompany startups for a limited period of time until they get the first benefits and these take off.

Business incubators are usually sponsored, supported and operated by private companies, government entities or universities.

Its primary purpose is to help in the creation and growth of young businesses by providing them with the necessary support in technical and financial services.

Business Accelerators

Business accelerators offer resources, knowledge and support to entrepreneurs to negotiate their first rounds of investment with their networks of investors, business angels, investment funds, etc., since many of the projects, especially those of high potential, require significant investments. Unlike Incubators, the startups accelerators only invest in those startups that are in full development, so they bet on startups whose work team already has previous experience, covers the main roles of a company and is committed to their project.

They are designed to accelerate the growth and ensure the success of entrepreneurial projects through a wide range of business resources and services that can include physical space rental, capitalization, coaching, mentoring, networking and even other basic services such as telecommunications, or even cleaning or parking.

Many accelerators and incubators have competitions aimed at selecting the best projects, whose prizes can be a source of funding either direct (cash prizes), or indirect (stays in coworking spaces, mentoring services, networks of investors, etc.).

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