Digital signature of documents

Send and sign documents from any device, without downloading applications.
Facilitate the signing of contracts and other documents with your workers using the electronic signature.

How does it work?

Use Signaturit’s electronic signature to streamline your department’s processes.



Send documents to sign from our payroll program, without having to install any application, we take care of their imputation.



Whoever must sign will receive an email to access the document and sign it. You can do it from any mobile device.



Monitor the status of your signature requests from the management panel, keep the documentation organized and access it quickly.

No need for apps

Your clients and employees will be able to sign documents in less than 30 seconds quickly and intuitively, without the need for registration.


From any device

Signatures can be made from any device (computer, tablet or mobile) with internet access and a browser.


With full legal validity

Our electronic signature is legal in the US and in the US. Upon signing, a probative document is generated with an official time stamp.

Management and traceability

Transaction history

View in real time the status of your signature requests, to know which documents have already been signed and which have not.

Sending reminders

Send reminders if your clients or employees are slow to sign documents. Don’t miss any important deadlines!

Safe storage

Manage all your signed documents from the platform and access them at any time. Here you have everything ready for any inspection!


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