GM Integra HR presents its technological Ecosystem integrated with Sage Payroll

31 January 2021.

Our team of developers, with extensive experience in management of the SQL database for Sage 200, Sage 200 Advanced and Sage Despachos Connected works on the generation of modules that support the automation of Sage payroll software work processes.

In an HR department or a labour area, whatever the sector of the company we are referring to, there are four aspects that must be taken into account in order to set the strategy and direction to be followed:

  • Automation: of administrative processes, communication, management with the public administration or incident detection, among others. Automation allows the optimisation of processes and the reduction of time spent on low-value tasks.
  • Digitalisation: immediate access to information and documentation, communication at all levels within the company or the delocalisation of processes that had previously always been face-to-face is becoming a priority for an efficient HR department. Personnel administration generates less and less paper documents and online collaborative work platforms are already the focal point of HR policies in companies.
  • Integration: between different tools and databases, to carry out the information processes automatically. In this way, the use of the different tools used by the HR department or the labour area are centralised and fed from the same core that generates and updates the master data.
  • Technological supplier: It is extremely important for the user of a payroll software that its main management programme is developed by people who know the day to day work. At GM Integra HR we use our own experience to identify aspects where the work needs to be improved and develop solutions that allow the optimisation of processes based on our own knowledge.

The tools that make up the Sage payroll ecosystem that make up the Sage payroll ecosystem facilitate increased productivity in the HR or labour department, which translates into higher quality of work performed.

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