HR consulting

GM Integra HR together with the consultancies we offer you: selection, training, new developments, remuneration and compensation, we offer you:


Equality Plans

Royal Decree Law 6/2019 establishes that companies with more than 50 workers must develop an Equality Plan in their organizations. At GM Integra RRHH we are specialists in developing and implementing these types of plans. 


Working environment

People are key to organizations and therefore its success always comes from the team behind it. We also know that only what is measured can be managed, so sometimes it is necessary to value it. As with the services we offer to our clients, we must measure and assess how they perceive us to align what they expect and what we want them to perceive of us.


Study of jobs and skills

Job analysis is the procedure in charge of establishing the obligations, competencies, skills and requirements that a certain job requires, as well as the type of people who have to be hired to fill it.

All this information will then be used by the HR department for personnel selection, compensation policies, internal training programs and performance evaluation.


Performance evaluations

With good performance evaluations we can:

Gm integrates more than a labor consultancy
specialized in human resources.

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