International HUB

If you have your headquarters in Spain and branches in different countries or workers hired in different cities, we can offer you a HUB service in our offices.

For business operations, wages are a critical factor in Europe, and in some cases they can even constitute the main costs of a company. Never have social regulations and payroll administration been more complicated or subject to change.

GM integrates HR HUB Service, is your HR business partner. H H. To ensure a smooth and efficient international employment process. We take care of all the aspects required to offer future-proof compliance and efficient work processes. You can focus on your core business, avoid additional costs, and save time.

To identify the most optimal solution for your unique situation, we apply a global approach:

Advantages of HUB

GM integrates HUB service; it means working comfortably. You have your own contact person, backed by a team of experts, true international payroll consultants.


Gm integrates more than a labor consultancy
specialized in human resources.

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