Performance Evaluation

Improve the productivity of your company by optimizing the development of the workforce

Create your own corporate competency catalogue that guides the supervisor and employee to better understand the purpose of the assessment. In this way they will have much clearer the needs to be covered for each of the jobs in your company.

Design your Competencies in a simple way and avoiding wasted time for work teams. With multiple evaluations for each competency model. Possibility of the employee having more than one evaluation form per project undertaken. And compare the evaluations between different periods to analyse the evolution of your employees.

Create the factors, sub-factors and all the evaluations according to your company and employees. And from any computer and mobile device. The program includes the possibility of adding text boxes, so that managers and employees can further detail the answers provided.

Self-service evaluations, 360º, 180º and 270º. Get a complete X-ray of your employees thanks to the data collected from the different feedback received. Notifications to employees and managers within the approval cycle.




Manage your employees’ productivity in an agile, fast way and with a total employee experience


Role-based. Scores are performed automatically, depending on the roles and weight of the objectives in your organization.

Evaluate your employees’ goals based on overall, group, and individual goals. In this way, you will analyse the objectives that your employees have to achieve from all points of view of your management. Create all the evaluations, in the period of time you need to analyse your achievement of objectives.

Analyse the results at the individual and group level and you will have a more complete picture of performance and productivity.

Reports and results centralized on the mobile devices and computers of your employees, middle managers and managers. With easily accessible performance dashboards and reports, you’ll have key information at your fingertips, from teams’ project completion rates, to configurable performance ratings, to specific training needs and recommendations for anyone. typology.


Self-assessment, 360º, 180º, 270º. A complete and flexible system to receive and offer complete feedback.

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