Virtual Training

Our goal: to enhance and develop the skills of your workers.

Online training

It is another alternative or complementary training option to face-to-face training. It allows us to respond to the educational needs posed by an increasingly diversified society.

They allow access to training for all people who for different reasons: both personal and professional, who cannot carry out the training in person.

These trainings are carried out within a campus-type platform, where the student has tools to support training such as chat, email, discussion forums with other students, etc.

For this we have created Gm Integra Formación, an exclusive online training website and virtual classroom with more than 110 courses.

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This type of training gives us

laboral, recursos humanos, nómina consultoria formación barcelona, madrid.2

Training catalog

You can consult our online training catalog.

Upcoming Trainings

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual classrooms are a new educational modality that is developed in a complementary or independent way to face-to-face training. Thanks to new technologies, we manage to mix the convenience of online training and the interactivity of face-to-face training with the teacher.

In this space called virtual classroom, collaborative trainings are carried out with the teacher, so it is a good channel for those companies that have workers teleworking or that have little space in their facilities to carry out face-to-face training.

 Upcoming Trainings


(State Foundation for Employment Training)

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