Leap year: what are the repercussions for the workplace?

The year 2024 is a leap year, which means that February has an additional day, for a total of 29 days. This peculiarity has significant implications, especially in the labor field, which are important to take into consideration:

Extended working day

With the inclusion of an additional day in the calendar, it is likely that employees will easily exceed the annual workday established by agreement. It is essential to carefully review work schedules and make necessary adjustments to avoid excesses. Viable solutions include reducing the daily workday by a few minutes for the rest of the year, requesting an additional day of vacation, or considering the option of taking a long weekend.

Overtime pay

Hours worked beyond the maximum annual workday must be compensated as overtime, in accordance with current labor regulations. It is crucial to ensure that they are paid correctly to avoid labor disputes.

Additional day's salary

Daily wage workers should receive an additional day's salary in February compared to the previous year (2023). This should be considered when calculating the corresponding payments.

Calculation of severance pay

When calculating severance pay, the daily salary is determined by dividing the annual salary by 366 days, taking into account the additional day of the leap year.

Other aspects to consider

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to other aspects such as temporary disability, part-time working days and the calculation of interest on loans granted by companies. These elements may be affected by the inclusion of the additional day in February.


In conclusion, leap year 2024 presents specific challenges for labor management that require careful planning and rigorous monitoring of labor regulations. By taking the necessary precautions and making appropriate adjustments, companies can ensure a smooth transition and meet their legal and contractual obligations.

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