Labour Reform


Head of State Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 of 28 December (BOE no. 313 of 30-12-2021), on urgent measures for Labour Reform, the guarantee of employment stability and the transformation of the labour market.

The present reform, however, has been agreed with the social partners and has generated discrepancies. Specifically, four employers' associations expressed their opposition to the agreement: the Catalan employers' association FOMENT DEL TREBALL, the Madrid employers' association CEIM, the rural employers' association ASAJA and the automotive employers' association ANFAC. The previous labour reform that was approved by Law 3/2012 has not been repealed. This means that the parties that give parliamentary support to the government have stated that they will vote against the validation of the Royal Decree-Law. The opposition parties will also oppose it, but for other reasons. All of this will entail an arduous parliamentary negotiation that will decide the viability of this law. The text was sent to you on 22 December and is set out below:



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