Form 190

Model 190 - GM Integra HR

10 January 2021.

The cycle of the HR department and the labour area:

December comes to an end: regularising personal income tax, using up training credits, calculating and paying the bonus...

January is coming: update contribution bases, review and update salaries, send Mod. 145, file Mod. 190...

Among others.

GM Integra HR wants to give you a hand and we have prepared some basic notes to help you understand why you have to fill in the Mod. 190, including the information you have to have available for its management and how you have to present it.

What is the Model 190?

Form 190 must be filed by companies and the self-employed and presents the information relating to the withholdings made for Personal Income Tax.

This is the annual summary of Mod. 111: it is filed once a year and is informative (it does not require payment).

The deadline for submission is from 1 to 31 January 2022 (reporting data for the year 2021).

It is filed electronically, so we will have to file it through the AEAT's electronic office.

Data to be included:

The entrepreneur or self-employed person shall include the following income in the form:

  • Income from work (withholdings from pay slips)
  • Income from economic activities (professional activities, agriculture, livestock, forestry or any other type of activity that is taxed by objective estimation).
  • Other amounts from donations, pension plans, prizes, intellectual and industrial property, exploitation of image rights, etc.

Form 190 must be reconciled with the amounts of mods. 111 submitted during the year 2021.

We must report in Form 190 the withholdings made on invoices for expenses (for services rendered by third parties) for professional services.

Other withholdings, such as those relating to workers (payroll), benefits, pensions and other items, will also be reported.

The payments of each recipient shall be detailed in Form 190, separately (and with identification of each one) by type and subtype of key, including their taxable bases and differentiating between payments in cash or in kind, as the case may be.

The information available on the family situation of the recipient (provided in Form 145), as well as the degree of disability (if any), shall be included.

In addition, information will be added regarding the type of contract or relationship, the type of computation assimilable to the recipient for each of their children and the notification by the recipient of reductions for loans for their main residence, as well as whether the income has been obtained in Ceuta or Melilla.

Why are we introducing Mod. 190?

The data provided in Mod. 190 must be consistent with the data provided in Mod. 111 previously filed during the previous year.

In addition, the data from Mod. 190 is what will feed the Withholdings Certificate that we will have to send to each recipient so that they can correctly file their income tax return.

Annual information returns provide the tax authorities with a summary of the company's economic activity. This type of declaration is intended to identify possible inconsistencies or fraud carried out during the financial year.

What happens if I do not file my Mod. 190 on time?

The penalty shall be €20 for each item of data or set of data referring to the same person or entity, with a minimum of €300 and a maximum of €20,000.


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